Performance Enhancement

Performance Enhancement

I work with a wide range of athletes and activity levels. An integration of body work and neurological work is used to help performance. Health plans include pre-event treatments through rehabilitating sports injuries to maintaining the high level of performance through a training period. It includes all athletes; explosive and endurance.

What the research says…

  • Fewer Injuries & Quicker Recovery

    Proper aligned or subluxation free athletes have a more tuned nervous system. This leads to improved performance with fewer injuries and quicker recovery times.

  • Faster, Better Improvement

    Study showed adjusted healthy athletes improved 10.5%, or 2 times better than the non-adjusted group at 6 weeks, and 16.7% better at 12 weeks.

  • Overall Better Athletes

    Subluxation free athletes react faster, coordinated better, execute fine movements with improved accuracy and precision, and are overall better athletes.

Initial help is provided with symptom relief

“I feel less pain and feel more motion. It feels better!”

Corrective care involves a longer process

Over a period of time the underlying structural and neurological tissues will heal and stabilize, with healthier function. This also involves posture correction, exercise plans(home and gym), and nutritional counseling.

Wellness care

Sustainable health is a proactive attitude. Maintenance visits are encouraged as long term care to prevent imbalances in the body from building up into pain.

Performance Enhancement