Chiropractic Testimonials


“Dr. Dave is a gifted chiropractor. I’ve had chronic headaches since my teenage years. Dr. Dave alleviates the pain. He incorporates massage into the adjustments. He requests my feedback so he can accommodate my specific needs. Dr. Dave also integrates nutrition information and brain science information. In spite of recovering from a medical condition, I no longer get colds, and I rarely get the flu. When I become sick with the flu, I experience fewer symptoms and the duration of being sick is a fraction of what it used to be.”

– Bec M.

“Dr. Dave is so great. He really takes the time to understand what’s going on in my life and how his care needs to support my health and lifestyle. I see him regularly for health maintenance which has made a huge difference in how I feel: my flexibility, back-health, and ability to stay active. He’s played a critical role in helping me with a range of issues related to being an active Muay Thai kickboxer. He’s helped me overcome injuries and is constantly helping me better take care of my body. Thanks to Dr. Dave, I’ve been able to continue to enjoy what can be a pretty rough sport throughout my 40s (I’m 48 as I write this). Dave has helped a lot of other athletes at our school, both with injuries and performance improvement, from kids and amateurs like me to top fighters. Dr. Dave is an essential part of how much I can enjoy a variety of activities and feel great physically.”

– Kurt H., patient since 2011

“David is a professional personal trainer, as well as a DC, so he can help you get back in shape, rather than just manipulate your bones. Good guy. Cares.”

-Tim Rogers., patient since 2015

Over three years ago I suffered my first bulging L4/L5 disc, with intense sciatic pain, which left me debilitated, requiring painkillers day and night. I felt helpless and was incapable of doing the simplest of daily tasks.  Two epidural injections bought me some time, but we’re not a long-term comprehensive solution for me.

I sought out Dr. David Molencupp, and with his knowledge and care, he prescribed a therapy program which got me pain-free, and enabled me to function at a high-level again.  A big part of Dr. Molencupp’s therapy program involves the use of the Vertetrac traction system.  This belt used for up to twenty minutes, three times a week, left my back feeling better every day.  I highly recommend Dr. David Molencupp, and cannot say enough about the wonders of the Vertetrac traction system.  Thanks to Dr Dave I am again able to pursue two of my life’s passions, which include working out, and golfing.

– Patient Review on Google Plus

Chiropractic Testimonials