Santa Rosa Chiropractor


Everyone benefits from chiropractic and exercise. People of all ages feel better when they are moving their bodies in full range of motion with strength and coordination. Whether its pain relief, correcting biomechanics, or wellness I can help you.


    Adults commonly have pain patterns and structural imbalances. Treatments are designed to support pain relief and healing while including corrective activities. We specialize in active therapy like exercise and dynamic lumbar traction (Vertitrac).

  • KIDS

    All babies, children, and teenagers are healthier when their spines are aligned with proper motion. This is important because these ages are growing, developing, and their immune systems are constantly being challenged. This ranges from ear aches to improving posture of teens who spend long days behind a desk.


    I work with athletes that demand more performance and active levels from themselves. Athletes use their bodies with power, precision, and coordination to achieve an array of dynamic activities. They need their bodies to balance intense stress while minimizing recovery time and injuries. I work with athletes with a wide range of physical activities that include: martial artists, dancers, musicians, runners, tennis athletes, golfers, and workout warriors.

Chiropractic Treatments