Chiropractic Services

Your First Visit

  • Holistic

    Each new patient is evaluated holistically. Dr. Dave evaluates each patient with a wide range of tests. This may include health history, posture, nutrition, strength, X-rays, and other orthopedic/neurological tests. Using this information, a treatment plan is then created. The treatment plans are natural, drug, free, and encourage self-sufficient goals. All designed to support a proactive wellness lifestyle.

  • Hands On

    Then the patient will get hands on chiropractic care integrated with massage, physiotherapy, and exercise.

  • Communication

    Throughout this process, Dr. Dave will explain his findings and there health impacts.

  • Guidance

    Finally, instruction will be given for home exercise and stretch programs, ergonomic aids (pillow), stress management, proper posture, and basic nutritional counseling.

Chiropractic Treatment